Smart Energy Systems

The research field “Smart Energy Systems” dedicates itself to the increase of energy efficiency and the development of new concepts for providing, distributing, transforming, storing and using thermal and electrical energy within buildings, with particular regard to user comfort. Incorporating these systems into the building envelope

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Smart Building Envelopes

The research field “Smart Building Envelopes” deals with alternative solutions for new constructions, renovation, and densification, based on the premises resilience, efficiency, comfort, and usability. Traditional Alpine construction was marked by resource scarcity, local building materials, and low energy supply. As a result, construction principles are newly interpreted as modern

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Simulation of Settlement Systems

Within the research field “Simulation of Settlement Systems”, innovative (spatial) simulation models and decision-making tools for resource-efficient densification solutions in sustainable settlement systems are developed with geoinformation methods. In addition, densification typologies are created, which are integrated into spatial simulation models in order to optimize area use whilst taking the residential environment into account.

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