The Alpine Building Centre

The Alpine Building Centre devotes itself to hands-on, transdisciplinary research, the transfer of research findings to industry, and the initiation of joint research and development projects between industry and science.
Moreover, it deals with solutions for smart, networked buildings and the simulation of buildings in a settlement context. The focus is on the simulation and implementation of measures in which buildings are considered within the context of their location and their surrounding infrastructural networks. The Alpine Building Centre is a cooperation between the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences (SUAS) and the Studio iSPACE of the Research Studios Austria FG (RSA) and is financed by ERDF funds, funds of the State of Salzburg, the SUAS, and the RSA. For more information on IGJ/ERDF, see

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Das Zentrum bearbeitet drei Forschungsschwerpunkte:

Smart Energy Systems

Smart Building Envelopes

Simulation of Settlement Systems

This research area is dedicated to increasing energy efficiency and developing new concepts for the provision, distribution, storage and use of thermal and electrical energy in buildings. The research focus "Intelligent Building Envelopes" deals with alternative solutions for new construction, renovation and redensification under the premises of resilience, efficiency, comfort and usability. This research area uses geoinformatics methods to develop innovative models and decision-making bases for resource-efficient redensification solutions for sustainable settlement systems.

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